We are kindly inviting you to prepare and submit the research paper that will be published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “HESDIA”.

The journal will be registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) at <https://doaj.org/>, and the papers published in the journal will be indexed.
This will be a multidisciplinary research journal containing original research papers (not published anywhere else before) that belong to the research areas of medical and health, natural, technology and social sciences. The language of the journal is English.
Each paper will be evaluated by at least two reviewers. Authors will be recommended to improve the papers according to the reviewers’ remarks or provide arguments why they do not agree with them. The final decision is made by the editorial board. The papers published or submitted to other journals will not be accepted.
The manuscripts submitted by authors will be checked by a text-matching tool.  The papers with the evidence of plagiarism detected will be rejected. The responsibility for the originality of the content lies on the author/s, who must sign a Letter of Guarantee. The journal gives authors the right to distribute their article without any restrictions.
The journal will provide open access to peer-reviewed papers. The author will publishe his original research paper in the journal and will retain copyright. The users will use the publication online for free.

The editorial board of the journal supports COPE’s position on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in scientific research: “AI tools cannot meet the requirements for authorship as they cannot take responsibility for the submitted work. As non-legal entities, they cannot assert the presence or absence of conflicts of interest nor manage copyright and license agreements. Authors who use AI tools in the writing of a manuscript, production of images or graphical elements of the paper, or in the collection and analysis of data, must be transparent in disclosing in the Materials and Methods (or similar section) of the paper how the AI tool was used and which tool was used. Authors are fully responsible for the content of their manuscript, even those parts produced by an AI tool, and are thus liable for any breach of publication ethics.”

Deadline for papers submission: September 1, 2024.

Papers submission documents:

Requirements for papers
Paper submission form (including a Letter of Guarantee)